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Bonde’s Packages

  1. Social Media Videos that Impress!
  2. Video Coverage for Events
  3. Mobile Apps that Increase Engagement
  4. Effective Marketing Strategies



4th Industrial Revo

Pricing for 2019

  • 2-3 minute video — R3500     SAACI members pay R2500
  • 1-2 minute Video — R1450     SAACI members pay R949
  • 30-60 seconds Video — R949     SAACI members pay R549
  • 0-30 sec Cinemagraphs — R549     SAACI members pay R299
  • 5-30 Seconds Filler — R549     SAACI members pay R299
  • 60 sec Business Video Card — R970     SAACI members pay R540
  • 5-30 sec Logo Animation — R549     SAACI members pay R299


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