Corporate Videos

Videos Across The Board

  • Website
  • HD-TV
  • You Tube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Community TV

Corporate Profile Videos


  • Short and straight to the point
  • Shows company maturity
  • Shows commitment to communicate to both internal and external stakeholders


  • High powered short overview of a company between 1-3 minutes
  • Focus on leadership
  • Company philosophy, corporate culture
  • Services overview
  • Track Record
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Future projects of the company
  • Canvas investors

Advertising Videos


  • Sell one specific product or service with a clear Call To Action
  • 5 seconds to 60 seconds MAX
  • Distribute over Social Media
  • Marketing videos are fun to watch

The fastest growing Ad type.


Explainer Videos


Explainer videos are popular because

  1. They are light
  2. Entertaining
  3. Fun to watch
  4. Captures and retains viewers
  5. More effective than just text
  6. Can be used to teach, inform, inspire and a whole lot more
  • Clarify the Objective of Your Product
  • Rank Better in Google Search
  • Increase Web Traffic
  • Simplifies Your Product or Solution

Corporate Event Videos


  • Corporate Project Documentaries
  • Corporate functions & events
  • Product & Service Launches
  • Promotional Events & Activations
  • CSI coverage

Logo Animation


They're smooth, they're slick, they're cool and they're quick.

  • Clean, modern look. It is a good way to quickly increase your website traffic and engage your customers. You can use it for presentations, online channels and more
  • Open your PowerPoint presentations with style by starting with your animated logo
  • Adds professionalism to your corporate videos
  • Gives your brand sophistication
  • With a unique background music
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